Hal Feinstein Platform

 Hal Feinstein has been a Riverton resident since 2017. He and his wife, Julie, began visiting our community about a decade ago and they fell in love with its small-town charm and architecture. When the opportunity presented itself, Hal and Julie relocated to Riverton and have loved living here. 

Prior to moving to Riverton, Hal and Julie lived in Brooklyn Heights, NY. It was there that Hal first got involved with serving the community in which he lived – in a big city like New York City, your apartment building complex is often akin to neighborhoods in more suburban areas. Hal served on his condo board in Brooklyn for about 20 years. It was there that he got a keen sense of the issues that affected the members of his community broadly, and he learned the important arts of listening, researching, and acting for the good of all who live there. Quality of life and property values were the principles he kept in mind with every decision. He also experienced the importance of transparency and healthy debate, allowing all residents to bring ideas and concerns for discussion and be engaged in their community. 

For his career, Hal spent the bulk of his time in sales, where he honed his skills as a relationship builder. Most recently, he worked in the field of disabilities accommodations, where he sold important accessibility products so that people with disabilities could fully access and experience the world. 

Hal’s also a Vietnam-era veteran who was stationed in Nuremberg, Germany. 

Hal and Julie enjoy exploring Riverton and the surrounding community, especially finding new and different places to try cuisines. Hal and Julie are working on their garden, gradually replacing exotic plants with those that are native to this area. They also enjoy bird watching, attending local events, hiking in the Pine Barrens and looking for rare plants and insects, and visiting Cape May.


My promise to… Engage, Listen, Respect … for positive, transparent government.


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